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Black Out

Black Out

I fall into a deep coma

I awake not having a memory of anything that went on in my life

It could be for hours or for a day

It doesn't matter how long

When I open my eyes the memory is still gone

I am often confused because every dream that I have delivers different messages

Some good some bad

Warnings of evil that surrounds

Pre-cautioning of a mistake I may make

Closing my eyes drifting away is all it takes

Sometimes I feel I dream while I am awake

Everything around me is silent

Only the echoes in my mind exist

My vision is only of the waves in the ocean

I get sea sick when I think of it

I don't feel I am of the norm

The some live in the light

Yet I live in the dark

My eyes are closed yet my third is open

It is the cause

It is the center gravity that holds these events together

At night I leave my body

I return when I am awake

I rarely have nightmares but when I do my whole body shakes

I fall while standing steal

I lift high while lying

I leave this earth without trying

When I return my memory is gone

It's like I was reborn again resurrected within myself    

When I black out I live another life

When I return my energy is stripped from me

I spend most of the day regaining

I struggle at maintaining

Because this is all in my brain

I often wonder

Am I insane?

I am trapped in a world alone

No one can hear me call or shout

When I black out

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