Lightning & Thunder

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Description : This is the miracle filled love affair with my wife. It was love at first sight when I was 12, but I didn't know where she was from and we didn't meet until I was 26. We met during a thunderstorm and when she died after 45 years together, lightning struck the hospital knocking out even the emergency power for several minutes. For months afterward the hospital had to bring in a semi-truck mounted emergency generator. Our life was filled with miracles and coincidences which continued after she died. Some of the things that happened during these years when we were married were beyond belief except they happened. I had a very interesting career and I could never have hoped to find a better sole mate, lover, and wife. We traveled around much of the United States and Europe. We didn't need to plan a trip, divine intervention made things memorable. Everything in our lives came up roses until the end. Unfortunately, much of the words are centered around my career and achievements but they were made possible by my loving, talented, warm hearted, adaptable wife.

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About : This author's page is about Albert L Clark, a retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel and retired US Air Force civil servant. He was a USAF detachment commander, munitions supply officer, nuclear ordnance supply officer, logistics manager, foreign security assistance manager (foreign military sales -FMS)) over several North African countries (Morocco, Zaire, Chad, Egypt, Sudan), then spent his last 30 years working in Research and Development, acquisition logistics and program management. While working FMS he was personally phoned by many embassies, the US Secretary of State, the US Secretary of Defense, and President Carter. He had some part in planning most of the new weapons systems that started development during the President Reagan military buildup that brought down the Berlin Wall. He worked on new aircraft and new electronics systems research and development. He was a guest lecturer for the Air Force Institute of Technology from 1979 to 1989. During those years with AFIT he worked with many of the graduate students helping them develop their graduate research papers. He reviewed nearly all the ideas for new systems during those years. The most unclassified and public innovations he had a major hand in were: bringing computers into the office environment, and the global positioning system. One of his ideas was the development of remotely pilots air vehicles like Global Hawk and Predator drones that use the GPS for much of their guidance. In fact more advanced versions were used in the original "The Price of Peace" novel. 

He was a pioneer in the internet with his first involvement in 1969, his first email in 1970.

He has lived in Oklahoma; Saratoga Springs, NY; Buchel, Germany; Korat Thailand; Salt Lake City, Utah; Tampa, Florida; Dayton, Ohio. He has traveled throughout Western Europe, every state in the United States, Egypt, Mexico, much of Canada, and throughout the Caribbean Islands. As the top graduate from SAM-C at the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management he was supposed to travel throughout the Middle East. Thankfully, he was recalled to Ohio to help resolve a war between Angola and Zaire just before leaving on the trip, but the other top graduates got caught in the Embassy in Iran during the takeover. 

In retirement he writes novels, was the president of the local amateur radio club, and a Shriner. He enjoys cruises, writing, and reads 1 or 2 novels per week when not writing his own.


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Steve Catto
About: Steve Catto is an old man, or at least that's what it says on his birth certificate. He was born in Yorkshire, but his parents took him to Australia when he was six years old and he grew up there, sometimes racing cars across the desert.

He was never very good at school, but the one thing he did learn was how to learn, and he started writing programs for the computer at the local university, much to the disdain of his teachers who told him that he would ‘never make a living out of that rubbish'. In his late teens he returned to the UK, and his parents followed him – which wasn't what he wanted because he was hoping to get away from them. His first proper job was in the computer department of an infamous Oxford publishing company, and he subsequently went on to write software for electricity control systems, and simulators for the military. He started to fly gliders and wrote programs to analyse the data from aircraft flight recorders, where he also learned to fly, and crash, lots of other types of aircraft as well – which was the best part of the job. At various times in his career he has also lived and worked in France, Switzerland, and Canada, and he now lives in Scotland. Since appearing in school plays as a child he has performed almost continuously on the amateur stage, and spent a few years scuba diving. These two things have nothing to do with each other. In terms of his pedigree as an author he has written many technical manuals and filled in countless timesheets, so is well versed in the art of conjuring up works of fiction, however he has never written a novel before, especially not one that involves a blonde girl and a man with a bow and arrow, but he did once spend three weeks working in a factory that made handles for buckets.

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Drug Of Choice: The Inspiring True Story Of The One-Armed Criminal Who Mastered Love And Made Millions

Mark van Stratum
About: Mark Van Stratum lost his arm when he was five years old in an accident. He has been expelled from every school he attended. He's pulled off daring heists and spent months on the run. He penetrated the secret world of pickup artists, sleeping with the most beautiful women, and teaching other men how to do the same. He has started several online marketing agencies that have made him multiple millions of dollars in profit. And now, he is engaged to be married to the love of his life.
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Robert Williscroft
About: Dr. Robert Williscroft is a retired submariner, diver, scientist, businessman, adventurer, author. He spent 22 months underwater, a year in the equatorial Pacific, 3 years in the Arctic, and a year at the Geographic South Pole conducting atmospheric research. He has appeared on dozens of radio talk shows, and nationally on the Michael Medved show, CNBC, and FOX News. He is the author of the Amazon bestseller Operation Ivy Bells, a semi-biographical Cold-war submarine espionage techno-thriller (2016 NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award & Shelf Unbound Notable Indie Book) (available in audio format with Mark Budwill), the first two books of The Starchild SeriesThe Starchild Compact (Amazon bestseller, the premise – Saturn's moon Iapetus is a derelict starship) and Slingshot (constructing the World's first space launch loop – recipient of the NABE Pinnacle Achievement Book Award for Science Fiction. Book was launched at the International Space Elevator Conference in Seattle) (just released in audio format with Trenton Bennett), the bestselling current affairs book, The Chicken Little Agenda: Debunking Expert's Lies, now in its 2nd printing, and the children's book, A Relativity Birthday Present, that teaches kids some of the esoteric concepts of relativity, and is endorsed by Dr. Frank Drake of the SETI Institute, who wrote the introduction.