The Edge of Epoch: the Fatal Choice of Humanity

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You never read it! New book “The Edge of Epoch: the Fatal Choice of Humanity.
This book is real dead water, without the acceptance of which the miracle of revival will not happen. Dear friends, If you want to understand what is happening in the world in almost all important areas of life, then this book is for you! This is the quintessence of sacred knowledge!
Why does human development go in a certain way? Who is the main director and planner of these processes? What is happening in the USA and where are the origins of the migrant crisis in Europe? What are the prerequisites for the success of models of developed countries? Who really governs US, Russia and EU? Why is education, upbringing, culture and science degrading? Who benefits from religious obscurantism around the world? Is interracial mixing safe for offspring? How can science and religion be combined? Where to look for traces of Vedic culture and the Slavic-Aryan Empire? What are the 7 Laws of Hermes Trismegistus? What is the Law of Time? What are the laws of ethics? And what can we do in this situation? You will find answers to all these and many other burning questions in this book …
The book is a hologram where through the waves of a cyclical World with the help of vague (mystical) and strict (scientific) thinking, laws of the visible and invisible world, the whole versatility of the Universe is iridescing from the deep antiquity to the heavenly future. This gives an opportunity to holistically, fully and adequately see the real picture of the world order.
And “those who understand the trends is difficult to knock out of the way” (Allen Welsh Dulles).
This is the book that you should definitely read !!!
I will be glad to your reviews on Amazon !!! English and German version in the Kindle format on Amazon.
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About : Stanislav Dubikovsky, formerly an intelligence officer, Arabist, since 2015 Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Development and the Editor-in-Chief of the Independent Information Resource (Kiev, Ukraine). S. Dubikovsky has three higher educations: 1 - research engineer, medical radio-physics (Kiev University named after Shevchenko); 2 - international economy; 3 - Ensuring National Security, as well as several music educations. Since 2015 PhD (Economic Sciences). Candidate for the post of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (2015). Author of the monograph "The Edge of Epoch: The Fatal Choice of Humanity" (2019). The book is written using a over/trance-disciplinary approach. It connects: science and esoterism, medicine and biology, economics, security and geopolitics, mysticism and religion, philosophy and psychology, history and astrology. The rich professional and life experience allows the author to see in the boundless ocean of informational lies and disinformation that is hidden from the eyes of the common man. S. Dubikovsky shows the causes and origins of the processes, so many may not like it. But, as peoples say - the truth is always bitter. The author touches the most pressing world problems and impending on the humanity risks and threats. Most are afraid to talk about it, and the media deliberately silenced it. S. Dubikovsky gives you simple keys to answers to practically all important questions.


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About: Rodney is currently the author of four books - "The Book of Nicknames"; "The Millipede Effect My Quest to Understand the Homeless, Standed and Down & Out"; "What IF? Just A.S.K. How Our Youth Can Change,Improve or Become an Influence in Those Things they Desire" and "What IF I want to be a Christian? Just A.S.K." His book inspirations lie within the work he does that involves helping others improve on aspects of their lives. Rodney leads two significant non-profit actions he created "We Care" (Designed educate to bring to be a bridge for the homeless and the agencies that care for them) and "A Life Saved is a Future Gained" (Program designed to educate and Bing awareness to issues of Missing and Eploited Children,Runaway Youth and Human Trafficking of our Youth). Brooks has also Colo barred with his youngest daughter to create the What IF? Just A.S.K. program designed to improve and empower our youth. Rodney is an active Church Leader and a 30 plus year Human Resources professional in several fortune 100 and 500 companies.
Rodney Darrel Brooks
About: Julie Stafford changed a generation's eating habits in the 80's and 90's. She became Australia's biggest and fastest selling cookbook author, selling more than 2.2million copies globally. When in 2006, she lost the love of her life, her life changed infinitely. She changed her writing genre to deliver a love story born of synchronicities that were just too powerful to ignore. Based on her real life events, her story will touch your heart and have you searching for your own synchronicities to give your life greater meaning and fulfillment.
About: Steve Catto is an old man, or at least that's what it says on his birth certificate. He was born in Yorkshire, but his parents took him to Australia when he was six years old and he grew up there, sometimes racing cars across the desert.

He was never very good at school, but the one thing he did learn was how to learn, and he started writing programs for the computer at the local university, much to the disdain of his teachers who told him that he would ‘never make a living out of that rubbish'. In his late teens he returned to the UK, and his parents followed him – which wasn't what he wanted because he was hoping to get away from them. His first proper job was in the computer department of an infamous Oxford publishing company, and he subsequently went on to write software for electricity control systems, and simulators for the military. He started to fly gliders and wrote programs to analyse the data from aircraft flight recorders, where he also learned to fly, and crash, lots of other types of aircraft as well – which was the best part of the job. At various times in his career he has also lived and worked in France, Switzerland, and Canada, and he now lives in Scotland. Since appearing in school plays as a child he has performed almost continuously on the amateur stage, and spent a few years scuba diving. These two things have nothing to do with each other. In terms of his pedigree as an author he has written many technical manuals and filled in countless timesheets, so is well versed in the art of conjuring up works of fiction, however he has never written a novel before, especially not one that involves a blonde girl and a man with a bow and arrow, but he did once spend three weeks working in a factory that made handles for buckets.

Steve Catto