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Does the Best Weighted Blanket for Anxiety Really Work ?

Chances are you've probably heard about weighted blankets. They've been all the rage lately and cropping up everywhere, from home goods stores to the Today Show to psychological journals and even parenting websites. But what are the benefits of weighted blankets, and what is the science that goes into Huggaroo's best weighted blanket for anxiety? Can a weighted blanket really be a reliable way to reduce anxiety symptoms in adults and children?

You may be surprised to hear the answer is yes. More than just a trendy fad, Huggaroo's weighted blankets really do affect the mind and body to ease anxiety symptoms. To summarize it simply, these blankets interact with the body's natural instincts to make you feel safe and protected. The gentle pressure of Huggaroo's weighted blanket acts just like a hug, signaling to your body that it's time to relax because you are with loved ones and out of danger. This triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, natural chemicals which are responsible for happiness and calming the mind. The sensation also tells the body to lower its levels of stress hormones. The two effects work together to break anxious moods and reduce stress naturally, with the added bonus of warmth and soft comfort thanks to Huggaroo's loving design.

Huggaroo weighted blankets are made with extra plush chenille and minky fabric outer covers, making them super cozy to wrap up in. That alone could be enough to calm anxious feelings for many of us, but it doesn't stop there. Huggaroo's clever inner quilt design combines hypoallergenic cotton with strategically placed pockets of polypropylene pellets or hypoallergenic glass beads, resulting in a perfectly balanced weighted blanket that never sags or shifts to one side. The clever design of the inner and outer layers of the Huggaroo weighted blanket utilizes strategically-positioned ties and loops to keep the cover secured in place at all times.

The Huggaroo weighted blanket is also the Best Weighted Blanket For Anxiety in kids. Weighted blankets are one of the easiest ways for children to manage their stress and anxiety because kids can use them on their own. Wrapping up in a warm cozy quilt is soothing in and of itself and feels more natural to children than other breathing and grounding exercises. Many children who have started using weighted blankets will even turn to them first when in need of comfort. Plus it's fun to wrap up in a cozy blanket cocoon!

Huggaroo makes two different sizes of weighted blankets for young children and adults, so children are able to maneuver their weighted blankets without trouble no matter their age. Huggaroo's 7 lbs weighted blankets are designed for children between the ages of 3 and 10 who weigh between 30 and 90 lbs. These blankets are made to fit twin and full-sized beds and are entirely machine washable, which parents love. And now, Huggaroo's latest kids' blanket comes in a single piece design to make it even easier to wash. There is no assembly or disassembly required!

The larger Huggaroo weighted blankets weigh in at 15 lbs and fit full and queen-sized beds, making them ideal for children, teens, and adults who weigh over 70 lbs. Just like the kids' blankets, they are completely machine washable and easy to use. Plus, they are easily transportable. You can send your darling off to sleep away camp, a weekend with the grandparents, or their first year at college with a comforting piece of home to turn to when things become stressful. After all, there's nothing more soothing than your own bed.

Huggaroo puts careful dedication into all their products because they are used daily by the owners' family as well as by their friends. There are no cut corners or cheap materials used here, and it shows in the high quality and success of their products. So if you're considering giving this famous anxiety aid a try, you can trust Huggaroo is the best place to order your new weighted blanket. They even offer a thirty-day money back guarantee. There's simply no reason not to see for yourself how much good this simple yet ingenious solution can do for you.

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