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Marcus A. Nannini
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Brian Cook
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Sandrine Gasq-Dion
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Maria Hernandez
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Charles Justus Garard
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Rodney Darrel Brooks
About: Rodney is currently the author of four books - "The Book of Nicknames"; "The Millipede Effect My Quest to Understand the Homeless, Standed and Down & Out"; "What IF? Just A.S.K. How Our Youth Can Change,Improve or Become an Influence in Those Things they Desire" and "What IF I want to be a Christian? Just A.S.K." His book inspirations lie within the work he does that involves helping others improve on aspects of their lives. Rodney leads two significant non-profit actions he created "We Care" (Designed educate to bring to be a bridge for the homeless and the agencies that care for them) and "A Life Saved is a Future Gained" (Program designed to educate and Bing awareness to issues of Missing and Eploited Children,Runaway Youth and Human Trafficking of our Youth). Brooks has also Colo barred with his youngest daughter to create the What IF? Just A.S.K. program designed to improve and empower our youth. Rodney is an active Church Leader and a 30 plus year Human Resources professional in several fortune 100 and 500 companies.
Book Description:

Imagine a Powerful Tool You Can Use Right Now to Change Your Life…

It's Available! Just A.S.K.!


What if you could change, improve, or become an influence in areas of your life that are important to you? What if you could have a positive impact on people around you, while fulfilling your own goals? What if you could apply a simple, effective tool to every situation, and have a better outcome? Would you do it? If someone asked you how to do it, could you tell them? Just A.S.K. is the result of an eye-opening, world-changing collaboration between Rodney Brooks and his daughter Breanne Brooks. This simple yet profound process allows individuals to begin asking the right questions, seeking the answers, and utilizing resources. Most of all, it encourages people to accurately assess and believe in their abilities. Just A.S.K. is a particularly valuable tool to teach self-confidence and critical thinking skills to young people who are looking for reliable, practical guidance as they step out into the wider world. Just A.S.K. how this book can make your life better—you'll be glad you did!

$ 7.99
About: Julie Stafford changed a generation's eating habits in the 80's and 90's. She became Australia's biggest and fastest selling cookbook author, selling more than 2.2million copies globally. When in 2006, she lost the love of her life, her life changed infinitely. She changed her writing genre to deliver a love story born of synchronicities that were just too powerful to ignore. Based on her real life events, her story will touch your heart and have you searching for your own synchronicities to give your life greater meaning and fulfillment.
Book Description:

Travel with Ellie, down India's holiest river - the Ganges. Meet Rahul, and his wise mother. Learn the significance of the word, ‘Moksha'. Ellie can't imagine a more divine word to explain her unexpected experiences, all involving a seagull, after her husband of near on thirty years is stolen from her, by cancer.


Follow her to Dubrovnik. More stunning than the French Riviera, Croatia's “jewel in the crown”, healed from the grief of its war wounds, becomes Ellie's example and encouragement to heal her own wounds of grief.


In delicate threads of homemade pasta, seasoned with just the right amount of "garlic and chili", and generous portions of lobster, fish and clams, fresh from the Adriatic; Ellie lets go of grief to find her new life.There's the least likely restaurateur who bullies her back to life with 'Posip' (Croatia's most famous white wine); the 'Lindo' (Croatia's famous dance) and a most profound lesson hiding in the inconsequential stone set firm in the walls of the Franciscan Church on Stradun (Dubrovnik's famous main street).


In Paris, taste Ellie's joy and reasons for allowing sleek, silky, sexy lingerie to caress her curves; and discover why it's so important for her, to suddenly own sets of lingerie, rather than individual, comfortable pieces of underwear! There's an affair in the City of Love, and the mystery of Michael's painting. Were the birds in her late husband's painting doves; and mysteriously, did they become seagulls after he passed? And, why is it so important for Ellie to chase down the answer?​

When Ellie starts living her life, led by the whispers of her heart, rather than being led by the logic and practical voice of her eyes and mind, she meets more synchronicities than even she, at fifty-three, could ever have imagined.



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Clayton Graham
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J.E. Sawyer
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Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman
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L. E. Barrett
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Joe Rosato
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Steven John Scott
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Scott Moses
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J.E. Sawyer
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Chuck Morgan
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Jodi Clark
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Rosie Malezer
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Barry L. Jones
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Jason Frahm
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LeRoy A. Peters
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